History of the World


(before recorded history)

The essence of life, which originated from the pull between order and chaos, first manifested as wisps. From these wisps, the earliest living species were formed.

The earliest beings originated close to the planet's core, deep underwater and in the Underdark. Aboleths, the first truly intelligent race on the planet, formed in the deepest parts of the ocean. Outside of the planet, closer to the sun, the Archons, sentinels of the Light, assisted in overseeing the planet.

The earliest races on or near the planets surface originated millions of years later. The first of these were plants, animals, and fey creatures.


Ancient History

(beginning of recorded history, lost civilizations, racial splits)



Classical History

(beginning of current civilations/nations, oldest factions)



Modern History

(origin of all but the oldest factions, previous few generations)



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History of the World

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