Origin of the Universe


Before the beginning of time, the forces of Order and Chaos existed at pure balance in a singularity. Time began when the singularity exploded with a charge of pure energy. This released Order and Chaos and created the universe. Over billions of years, these pure aspects manifested into individual beings representing their aspect of origin. From order, the elemental forces of earth, water, air, and fire brought together the energy from the singularity, creating matter. From chaos, the destructive power of the void was unleashed. As Order and Chaos interacted, the essence of life was created. The first Titans and Elder Gods originated from this interaction.


Diametrically opposed, the Titans and Elder Gods waged war for control over the universe. Over billions of years more, the Titans built the stars, planets, and other celestial objects, and the Elder Gods corrupted and destroyed the Titans' creations.


In one corner of the universe, one of the most powerful entities of Chaos, the Darkness, commanded its armies against one of the most powerful manifestations of Order, the Light. The Elder Gods and Titans waged a fierce war for control over this place in the universe, where magical and life energy were abundant. The Titans eventually prevailed, defeating all of the Chaotic entity's lieutenants. The remaining Titans contained this entity within an elemental prison, and the Light became a nearby star, watching over this great evil.




3 aspects of Light: Celestial, Seasonal, Reflective

  • Solarus – Celestial
  • Natali – Seasonal
  • Lunaras – Reflective

Elementals: earth, water, air, fire

  • Terranor - Earth
  • Aquaera – Water
  • Caelos – Air
  • Flairus – Fire


<u>Elder Gods</u>

3 aspects of darkness: shadow, insanity, void

  • Shaedra - Shadow
  • Xzarrath – Insanity
  • Tlastrial – Void


  • Disonna - Pestilence
  • Reganos – War
  • Scaris – Famine
  • Thanos – Death


Laws of Physics & Magic

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Origin of the Universe

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